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Coming Soon To A Theater Near You
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*steps in something wet* *screams for 34 years*

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if you have headphones on while you’re singing and you think you sound good

don’t take your headphones off

keep on singing

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"say something i’m giving up on you".
I love this boy, well, I like him, a lot.
He’s always looking at me, secretly.
We know each other, I always look at him, secretly.
We dont talk too much.

Is like a million shinning stars when we lock up our looks.
To know if he likes me? That’s the mystery.

"and it was like slow motion"
When he grabbed my arm and said ‘hey gaby’.
I blocked. I stopped. I looked at his eyes.
Brown, calm, clear and michevous.
My mouth remained half open.
If I could say hello? No *smile*.

His friend said he did like me.
He wants to know me deeply.
He approves me.

I always run away.
Always, but I love him.

He hugs me.
His friend says he never hugs people,
Or touch them, or hold them, or look at them,
Or act shy, or smile a lot, or shuts to a comfortable silence,
As he does with me.

I love him. I do love him.

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why did i make this

i’m looking for a tumblr girlfriend to make FAMOUS! Following all girls back until I find one :)